Monday, March 12, 2012

Marx Brothers Biopic Who would you cast?

If you were going to make a biopic about the Marx Brothers, who would you cast? Here are my choices...

Groucho :: Ben Stiller

Harpo :: Chris Kattan

Chico :: Tim Roth

Zeppo :: Edward Norton

OR if they made this movie in the late 70's, when the Marx Bros. experienced a resurgence in popularity, I'd cast the following

Groucho :: Gabe Kaplan OR Billy Crystal OR Charles Fleischer

Harpo :: Martin Short

Chico :: Billy Joel

Zeppo:: That's a tough one. Maybe Richard Dreyfus?

Margaret Dumont:: Glenn Glose - No matter when they make it.

What do you think?


  1. Stanley Tucci= Groucho
    Ralph Fiennes= Zeppo
    James Purefoy= Chico
    Michael Cera= Harpo

  2. It would be a disaster regardless of who was cast.

  3. Groucho - Billy Crystal
    Harpo - Martin Short
    Chico - One does not simply replace Chico Marx
    Zeppo - Who knows Zeppo well enough to care?

    This is not saying that they should make a biopic on the Marx Bros. They shouldn't.

  4. Groucho-Stanley Tucci
    Harpo- Teller from Penn & Teller
    Not sure about Chico and the rest.

  5. I think Margaret Dumont looks much more nicer than Glen Close
    Try an aging Andy Mc dowell